About Us

Vie Support started its journey in 2008 with a unique concept to provide, widespread solutions for all language related requirements as a result of the rising demand for high-quality language services around the globe.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified and fully equipped to provide with all our services. Directed & lead by a dedicated, experienced team from multiple disciplines across industry.

Our commitment to quality, turnaround time, technical competence and flexible customer support team makes us unique.

Our Services and Credentials:

  • Vie Support is proud to be associated with more than 1000 satisfied customers.
  • Our translation experience is, we translate more than 150 million words each year.
  • 3500+ professional translators, 500+ experienced Interpreters and provide over 1000 language pairs of language services across the globe.
  • We provide a dedicated project manager for each and every customer, to ensure effective and efficient productivity.
  • We have successfully done large number of projects for different fields such as IT, ITES, Automotive, Medical, Patent, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Finance, HR, Marketing, Telecommunications, Multimedia, Advertising, Travel, e-Learning, e-Commerce and etc.
  • Our main strength is the ability to deliver an integrated one stop shop solution, to diverse customer needs.

Our Key Strengths:

  • Our translation projects, involve accurate technical specifications, complex legal terminology, engineering drawings, and many other types of written communication. We help our clients, to get speedy and accurate translation, through our combination of technology and processes, along with e-business collaboration.
  • Our DTP services, are well-known for the quality, and for the versatile languages, we deal with.
  • Our Proof Reading services are in demand, as we maintain consistent quality, in diverse fields.
  • We enhance your communication skills, through the right language, and reach customers in new areas of the world, with multilingual training in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish & German languages.
  • We help our clients, for their global search of executive requirements, and check on short listed candidate’s diligences, through our expert recruitment team.


Vie Support has signed NDA with all its associates, wherein the data confidentiality is assured, and data is kept for no longer then is absolutely necessary.

Our Mission

“Services is not a process level but in satisfaction level”

Our Vision

“To assist customer achieve a lucrative business by providing comprehensive world class solutions and services”

Why Us?

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