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Vie Support is a professional translation company entirely focused on the translation and localisation requirements of our clients. We recognise the need for specialised translations as well as, the in-depth knowledge and expertise required for it. With this in mind, Vie Support has built a team and developed tools and processes to successfully meet and exceed the inherent challenges.
• We provide unparalleled quality and service to companies that wish to offer multilingual versions of their products/services/content to their target market, so as to increase market share, improve client satisfaction and gain a competitive edge.
• By blending state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of human translation professionals, we provide clients an unbeatable formula for translating their documents cost effectively, efficiently, and with the highest level of quality they expect.
• We have spent time and effort in creating customised solutions for our client’s most frequent needs. We are very good at what we do and we have got the track record to prove it.

Engineering is by far one of the most commonly requested technical document translation requests we receive from an industry. There are many types of engineering document translations that are possible for any given project, but all of them require specific and sometimes extremely specialized translation skills. Vie Support provides superior engineering translation services for all technical documentation and manuals. With a tremendous expertise numerous language across the globe, we can translate the assignment into any language as per clients’ specifications.
• We understand the nuances involved in dealing with engineering documents and the level of detail that is involved in properly translating and localising them.
• We constantly endeavour to drive solutions for adding value to the translation services. Thus, for value-addition, we commit to true quality translation and deploy cost-saving innovations for all clients’ projects
• We make sure that our resources and translations are always compatible with clients’ requirements, in order to incorporate brilliance and accuracy in each and every translation project.
• We come up with effective solutions that guide us the path towards client satisfaction. We have managed the process of translation in such a way that the perfection of the target language is combined with engineering correctness.
Vie Support translation services provides accurate engineering translations for a wide range of areas such as
• Operating, safety, installation manuals
• Training material and drawings
• Technical patents
• Technical specs, proposals and reports
• CAD drawings and other engineering specifications documents

The most critical aspect of producing a great translation is to have the best, most qualified translators working together. As a forefront translation services provider
• We provide superior translations by vetting our translators for their technical expertise and making sure that each work on material within their field
• We recognise the intricacy in conveying engineering concepts and terminologies, this is why we only employ translators with background in the engineering and technical areas required and have experience with translations of engineering text.
• Our translators deliver engineering translations with precision an expertise. Teams are created and assigned based on specialisation, in order to ensure only the most qualified linguists are involved in your project.

Vie Support translation services offer more than just excellent, high quality translation for all types of engineering documents.To prevent any errors we have implemented strict quality assurance procedures that involve two-stage checks and an additional proof-reading. We follow the guidelines of ISO standard in order to achieve customer satisfaction. This standard ensures a consistent level of service by establishing standard operating procedures for our quality management systems.

We also offer considerably lower translation service rates for engineering translation; rates and prices far more reasonable and affordable. We provide accurate translation of technical documents, while also giving you the option for the lowest translation costs you can find with any professional translation company.
We recognize our ethical and professional responsibility toward our clients. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to privacy, confidentiality, and responsibility. Our standards for professional conduct and confidentiality are clearly defined and well respected. Our confidentiality practice standards are continually reviewed and updated.

Additionally, we also provide other services such as Recruitment Consultant, Interpretation, Proof Reading, DTP, Data Conversion, Training (Language & Soft Skills), Web Designing, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO, Accounts Process Outsourcing (APO), and Content Writing.