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Established in 2008, Vie Support has grown to become one of the forerunners in the translation services sector. Today, as foremost translation services agency in India,
• We are recognised as a brand that delivers superior quality, offers cost-effective solutions, and has extremely quick turnaround time for all kinds of translation needs.
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The global electrical and electronic industry is the most thriving and exceedingly diversified sector comprising manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, retailers, electricians, electrical engineers, and electronic equipment manufacturers. The sector has been developing at a swift pace with the invention of innovative technologies and an ever-increasing customer inclination towards electronic goods and services. China, India, Korea are some of the leading countries in the electrical and electronics industry.
The continuum of translation has gone so comprehensive that even industries such electrical and electronics realised the need to keep up-to-date with genuine translation. In order to be successful in this highly competitive market, organisations have to ensure language barriers and cultural differences do not impact the success of their businesses. In such circumstances, translations come into play. At Vie Support, being the numero uno translation services company,
• We offer language services to facilitate international communication and provide professional electrical and electronics translators for all your needs.
• We are committed to providing incessant interaction between you and your commercial partners, no matter where they are based.
• As it is wide industry, hence the concepts and technology keeps upgrading. We make sure we are constantly updated of such latest developments
• We are proud of the fact that our clients are reaffirming our expertise over and over again.

Vie Support as a top translation services company offers services for all kinds of electrical and electronics industry documents, some of which includes, some of the materials that we translate are,
• Corporate Materials
• Operations and Safety Manuals
• Technical Documents
• Patents and Legal Documents
• Engineering Specifications/Drawings

Considered as the best translation services agency by our clients, our expert translators speak the language of the electrical and electronics industry.
• Our linguists are highly skilled, experienced and have a background/qualification in an industry-related subjects. They have mastered the correct terminology and are familiar with the industry’s special requirements for accurate and reliable translations services.
• Our adept technical translators are also well-versed with the specifics of electrical and electronics industry. Therefore, our translation services include all the major domains/sub-fields in this sector.
• Our linguists are experts in specific technical disciplines and we go all out to ensure that you find a professional translator with expertise dealing with your subject matter.

Since setting-up as translation services company, we have always believed in quality and authenticity. Our sincere effort and dedication towards translation work, makes us different from rest.
• No matter the types of documents, we translate all such documents with utmost precision and excellence.
• We have vast expertise in translating documents in several languages.
• Ability to work in different formats, proven and guaranteed quality
• We are supported by extraordinarily talented translators with precise knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering
You can get access to a quality and expert translation at competitive cost. The cost of our translation services can help you translate any amount of material, without having to worry about cost. Moreover you need not have any concerns when you outsource our translation services; we take security very seriously. With stringent measures taken, you can be confident that no part of your data will leave the premises of the our company
Additionally, we also provide other services such as Recruitment Consultant, Interpretation, Proof Reading, DTP, Data Conversion, Training (Language & Soft Skills), Web Designing, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO, Accounts Process Outsourcing (APO), and Content Writing.