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In the current multilingual set-up, Vie Support translation services company is one of India’s fastest growing translation company and has grown significantly over the years to cater to the rising demands of both domestic and global clients at affordable price. Ever since our inception
• We have been trusted by a number of leading brands locally/internationally to communicate their message to both internal and external audiences
• We have combined our experience and expertise with our talent for language translation to provide clients with translation services that is the best in the translation industry.
• We offer high-quality language translation services along with multi-format documentation for all our clients globally.
• We have an adept team of native professional translators who deliver quality translation services in different domains at an affordable price.

After weathering the storm brought on by the worldwide financial crisis, the global entertainment market is poised to take center stage again. The entertainment industry includes the creation, accumulation, and distribution of content and information, advertising, and entertainment through various channels and platforms. India, China, US, Japan are some of the dominant players the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry is fast-developing and continually changing; therefore it is essential to partner with a translation company that can meet urgent deadlines and work seamlessly with the latest technology. Vie Support translations services understands clients require precision and expertise for the adaption of content that has a quick turnaround.
• We provide high-quality localisation services, end-to-end language services that turn cultural barriers into revenue opportunities. We also can provide you with an affordable, scalable, one-stop solution for all your language needs.
• As a translation agency for the entertainment industry, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our understanding of the sector.
• In addition to appreciating the nuances of the industry, our linguists are trained in working with businesses to help meet objectives and are experienced in interpreting different forms to make sure you get the maximum results.
• Our service has become vital to business expansion and profit maximisation. And above, by using a single language translation services provider for all multilingual requirements, clients’ can have full visibility into their organisation’s international communication spend.

As a leading translation services provider for the entertainment industry some of works include,
• Document translations including legal documents and contract translation services
• Multilingual radio and video production/editing
• Subtitle translation, voice-overs and dubbing
• Digital content
• Transcription and copy adaptation

We are aware of international communicative failures and for this reason we only select translators
• With in-depth experience of the entertainment industry, delivering uncompromised levels of quality, acclimatisingproducts into any language, so as to help clients succeed globally.
• Our translators have an understanding of full entertainment sector processes and objectives; they are also native speakers of clients’preferred language thus overcoming any cultural obstructions.
• We provide translation service for numerous languages and our translators are proficient enough to deal with all types technical topics, with their best knowledge and acquaintance about the subject.

Vie Support translation services agency outshines in the professional world because ofthe quality of our services and remarkableclient care. With well-established business processes, which are documented, standardised and certified, our internal team have the skills and expertise to guarantee that services are delivered on time and in conformity toclient-specific agreements.
We have a transparent pricing policy and we offer complete complex, high-volume translations into multiple languages which are reasonably priced to give you maximum return on investment. Moreover we maintain the highest level of confidentiality when it comes to our clients and guarantee no part of the clients’ data and information shall be leaked, transmitted or used without clients’ permission. We are well informed of all laws and regulations regarding the handling and maintaining of confidentiality of all business and personal information and data
Additionally, we also provide other services such as Recruitment Consultant, Interpretation, Proof Reading, DTP, Data Conversion, Training (Language & Soft Skills), Web Designing, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Accounts Process Outsourcing (APO), and Content Writing.