Vie Support language services has the capability to offer services for all language related services across globe supported by cutting-edge technology solutions. We focus on flexible support in an effort to offer our clients with type of service, quality and capacity that is exactly needed.

  • Our clients benefit from the precision of our expert translations owing to our streamlined work flow process.
  • We have been associated with high quality translations, service excellence, and exceptional value with high class accuracy in our work and our endeavor and goal is to offer the industry the best translation services relating to any domain.
  • We can handle big and complex projects of any language, while being compact enough to provide all of our clients with reliable, precise, remarkable, speedy, and committed customer services.
  • Apart from our company size, our open work culture and technology know-how enables us to remain flexible irrespective of the type of project.

Vie Support provides end to end Language related services globally in Translation, Interpretation, Voice-over, Subtitling, Content Writing, Proofreading and Desktop Publishing which helps our clients to overcome their language barrier and to explore global markets.

The e-Learning market is expected to experience significant international growth over the next few years, essentially driven by developments in technology, evolving business necessities and a number of evolving learning and development trends. The e-learning industry has different sub-markets which are propelling the growth. Innumerable reports, studies and surveys have shown that e-Learning industry is not showing any signs of slowing down. Contrarily, an increasing number of individuals, institutions, and businesses are turning to e-Learning as they recognize its effectiveness and its convenience

E-learning is a swiftly growing requirement, particularly for companies wishing to expand internationally. With such a global reach, companies are now realizing the need to build their own material in a form that their wide ranging customers can understand. They are quickly realizing the importance of bringing cultural innovation in their content and therefore require translators who understand both sides of the business. When companies, businesses or universities expand, they need to adapt their e-Learning programs to their target audience, and that’s where we come in. At Vie Support

  • We have been delivering well-planned, end-to-end e-Learning translation and localisation services for all kinds of learning endeavors.
  • Our exceptionally well-experienced teams have been guiding clients through the entire decision-making process; from planning to setup to delivery and beyond, making sure that clients receive customized solutions which are consistent with their vision and needs.
  • We have vast experience in offering top notch quality e-learning translation service that allows students, employees and customers to gain the knowledge they require, in the language they comprehend. Our goal is to integrate learning content swiftly and efficiently, whatsoever the language requirement is, at the same time keeping pace with e-learning trends.

Vie Support specialized e-Learning translation team can quickly translate any e-Learning content including

  • Instructional Videos
  • Web-based Training Contents
  • Managerial Training Materials
  • Training modules and course ware
  • Localize Software applications
  • Multimedia and Presentations
  • Complex graphics
  • Audio scripts and voice-overs

Vie Support language translation agency has a team specifically dedicated to managing and localizing all types of e-Learning, training and development content.

  • Our linguists have exclusive and specialized experience of the e-learning industry and are well-equipped to handle the necessities of this industry. So as to ensure we deliver the highest quality material, we ensure that our translators are proficient in their subject matter.
  • Our linguists know the clients needs, the ins-and-outs of the documents generally translated by businesses and, most essentially, how to maintain clients message across cultures. All documents are guaranteed to be translated professionally and cost effectively.
  • They are familiar with every technology, file format, learning management system, and software program, including Captivate, Articulate, Flash and anything else clients work with.

Vie Support translation services is meticulous about quality. It does not matter if we are translating a document or transcribing an audio file, we ensure that each and every word is precisely translated. We closely monitor each project and make sure that the completed project upholds the highest quality standards of our company. As a premier expertise in translation and localisation of e-Learning content, we will ensure quality control while adhering to the cultural nuances and language of the targeted clientele.

We provide a host of translation and localisation services at the most competitive price, at the same time not compromising on quality and clients timeline in completing the projects. We have a transparent pricing system with no hidden charges whatsoever. Also we maintain strict confidentiality with regard to clients personal data, comply with all regulations and process them in a secure environment.

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