Vie Support language translation services brings business certainty to clients by streamlining their process objectives, enhancing their operational performance, connecting them with their customers and supporting them to attain results. We are professional language service provider globally.

Vie Support provides Language related services in Translation, Interpretation, Voice-over, Subtitling, Content Writing, Proofreading and Desktop Publishing which helps our clients to overcome their language barrier and to explore global markets.

  • We are a global service provider for all language solutions. We leverage on our skills, expertise, processes, tools and set-up to offer companies earn an unparalleled set of competitive benefits through our portfolio of language solutions.
  • We simplify language challenges of clients, globalize companies imprints, help them beat competition and manage change.
  • We aim to become a trusted language service provider for all kinds of translation and localisation services for our esteemed clients by facilitating them to out perform in their respective niches, through an affordable range of feasible solutions.
  • With us as a trusted language service company, clients can achieve a set of functional work, targeted to their cost objectives and improving their process goal.

A number of distinct trends have emerged in the legal industry, which has helped law firms and organisations become more efficient, dynamic and competitive in the international market. Presently, the legal industry has experienced a global paradigm shift in the delivery model for legal services, known as legal process outsourcing (LPO). Legal outsourcing, both onshore and offshore, is transforming law practice as law firms and corporate legal departments seek to minimize costs, increase flexibility and expand their in-house capabilities.

The demand for multilingual translation in legal departments and law firms is on the rise. Today, accurate, reliable and quick translation and interpretation is what a client requires from a reputed law firm. With the increasing need for the businesses to expand internationally, there has been a high demand for the multilingual law firms, which can provide expert translation in various fields. Vie Support language services company has built an enviable reputation for the high-quality translation services that we have delivered for our clients over the last few years.

  • To choose our legal translation services is to choose the guarantee of accurate, reliable and swift translations. At Vie Support, we have extensive experience in the translation of a wide assortment of legal documents.
  • We maintain our meticulously high standards in the translation of legal documents by assigning translation work only to our team of legal translation professionals.
  • Some of our strengths include detailed on-boarding process, robust quality management process and best-in-class translation management platform.
  • The quality of our work product, thoughtfulness in building solutions that minimize significant client risks, and willingness to listen to and understand client needs, makes us on the most prominent translation services company in translation industry.

As a premier language translation service provider specialize in all types of legal documents, some of which are

  • Commercial contracts
  • Sale agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Company statutes
  • All types of legal proceedings
  • Patent Documents
  • Non-competition clauses, non-confidentiality clauses
  • Terms and conditions, regulations, complaints

At Vie Support translation services company, your documents will be handled with the highest professionalism by translators who understand and know the industry.

  • Our translators have either vast experience working in the legal industry, or have experienced comprehensive legal translation training.
  • Our team of legal translators are well aware of the industry terminologies. This meticulous attention to linguistic and legal detail has enabled us to develop strong long-term relationships with all our clients.
  • Our ability to hit tight deadlines without compromising on accuracy or confidentiality means we are well placed to help clients with all their translation services.

It is a guarantee to all our clients that we comply to the rigorous testing requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications. We take pride in continuing to deliver outstanding service and personal attention to our legal clients, as well as those in a wide array of industries.

We understand the importance of confidentiality in legal translation and process all such documents under the highest level of security. Our unique business flow allows us to select the most reliable and trustworthy translator, or team of translators, for every legal translation project. Vie Support translates legal documents at reliable, affordable, and at competitive cost. We strive to maintain the highest quality and accuracy and at the same time at competitive rates, such that, clients feel really happy about it.

We also provide other allied services such as Recruitment Consultant, Interpretation, Proofreading, DTP, Data Conversion, Training, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Voice-over, Subtitling, Accounts Process Outsourcing (APO), and Content Writing.

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