Vie Support provides top quality language translation solutions to all industries through our expert team. We help people to transform language and translation into recognized engines of growth in companies. The immense experience we possess in different industry fields gives us an explicit advantage over our competitors.

  • Our focused innovation improves accessibility, reliability and value for money in delivering translation services. We deliver results consistently across all industries and domains.
  • We create a positive client experience and help our clients beyond translation by providing strategic support and complementary services.
  • We are committed to delivering first-class translations for our clients and exceptional services beyond words.
  • All clients language projects are done with extreme care, allowing clients to succeed in their business endeavors.

we provide end to end Language related services globally in Translation, Interpretation, Voice-over, Subtitling, Content Writing, Proofreading and Desktop Publishing which helps our clients to overcome their language barrier and to explore global markets.

The publishing industry comprises businesses predominantly engaged in publishing magazines, newspapers, books, periodicals, directories and mailing lists, greeting cards, calendars, and maps in print/electronic form. A mixture of factors such as literacy level, changing life style, income level, technological changes, advertiser spending and government regulations influence industry dynamics considerably. UK, US, China, and France are some of the countries who are leading in the publishing industry.

The publishing industry is going through substantial changes in focus and technology. Reaching the widest audience possible is very essential in the publishing environment. Publishing documents translations should maintain the integrity of the original text while connecting with the new audience. Being a key player in the translations services industry, Vie Support prides itself on accuracy and understanding of the publishing sector.

  • We cover the whole gamut of publishing translation and translate all clients works in an authentic manner. We provide quality translation at all the development stages of publishing.
  • We go deeper than the competition or the client to deliver the right translation services, whether it is a technical document or non-technical document, in order to provide you with the best possible translations available.
  • We recognize that publishing translation necessitates a lot of accuracy, knowledge and contextual conversion. Keeping that in mind, we have developed a methodical translation process for all types of publishing documents/materials so as to introduce them to global audience.

As leading translation services agency, we cover a wide range of documents related to the publishing industry. Some of them are

  • All categories/genre of books
  • Magazines and Journals
  • Encyclopedias
  • Manuscripts

Being a reliable translation services company, we have created a strong network of professional translators who have a high level of understanding and accuracy to deliver a robust translation service for our publishing clients.

  • Our expert team of native translators are equipped with the best language skills, expertise, and experience.
  • They are dedicated completely to bringing about a quality rich translation which meets clients’ needs right on target, irrespective of the type documents or materials.
  • Our expert language translation professionals are available to translate and deliver high quality translation and work towards providing the necessary drive that will enhance clients businesses

We have an extensive quality control system which we continue to upgrade in order to constantly provide unparalleled services to our clients. We ensure that the idea is communicated along with its nuances so there is no place for any miscommunication. Our translators understand client’s language and the contexts related to it.

Moreover our rates are quite competitive and we have no hidden charges. We are concerned about the confidentiality of all clients documents and have a strict confidentiality policy in place. So, neither clients personal information, nor the source documents are shared with any third party.

We also have extensive experience in Recruitment Consultant, Interpretation, Proofreading, DTP, Data Conversion, Training, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Voice-over, Subtitling, Accounts Process Outsourcing (APO), and Content Writing.

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