Translation Companies in India

4 Points to Remember while Sifting Translation Companies in India

Of all things concerning writing and rhetoric, translation is the most difficult. Given the number of language service providers mushrooming of late, ending up hiring an incompetent translation company is not impossible.

So, how do you navigate this exponentially growing industry? How do you sift the countless agencies and identify the right one? This write-up discusses 4 important points you need to keep in mind while choosing a reliable language service provider in India.

1. Quality of Services

Professionally translated content of the highest standard exhibits three aspects – clarity, brevity and simplicity. Make sure the agency in question can serve all three. Look for companies that can communicate in plain English and steer clear of jargon. Better yet, look for agencies that are willing to discuss your requirements before jumping into translating your raw content.

Speaking of quality, agencies that are entirely dependent on software and machines are a definite no-no. You need to find someone who would put to use human intelligence along with machine translation. Only choose agencies that care to proofread the content prior to submission.

Above all, the agency you hire should have the experience of working in your line of business. This further becomes imperative if yours is a niche market or boutique firm. The translator who would work on your project must be familiar with the technical language relevant to your business sector.

2. Attitude towards Deadlines

Only those translation companies in India that consider deadlines holy can adapt their way of work to your convenience. Such an agency would surely offer fast turnaround and efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously. This is helpful, especially if your content needs to be translated regularly.

The best way to identify such agencies is by studying their track record of project delivery within scope and time. Also, feel free to look for genuine testimonials (read detailed case studies) and the type of clientele an agency holds. If you notice blue-chips, NGOs and government entities, that’s half the job done!

3. Versatility

Can your agency think beyond translating content? What is the range of language services it provides? It is important that you ask these two vital questions. Versatility enables the agency to adapt to your different requirements. Say, you are done with translating your content. Would you seek another agency for proofreading, DTP or printing? Why not find an agency that offers all that you need?

Without a doubt, the agency you are hiring needs to be a flexible and multi-skilled one. Along with expert translators, it should employ professional interpreters who can facilitate smooth communication between two or more people speaking different tongues – whether verbally or using sign language.

Also, if the content is an advertorial material, there should be a content developer and digital marketer at your disposal who can frame it in a way that it engages your target audience. Similarly, if it is a script, there should be a voice-over artist to relay the translated idea to your viewers in a lucid manner. Do not forget, versatility is the key to competence.

4. Fair Pricing

‘Fair’ does not necessarily mean cheap. There are many language service providers out there willing to translate content at dirt cheap rates. However, when you actually avail yourself of their services, you would end up with inferior quality work. Do not fall prey to such dubious agencies. On the other hand, using a language service agency does not mean you have to dent your wallet.

To find out which agency offers value for money services, seek someone who does not shy away from doing a price match. Even if it is the topmost agency of its league, it should give you the best deal as compared to its competitors.


Remember, translation is not about converting the original text in the target language, word for word. Instead, it is the correct rendition of the original idea in a way that sounds organic and fluid. In fact, it is more than just choosing the right words. It is challenging and warrants a deep understanding of language, grammar, people and culture.

So, is your existing vendor / agency competent enough?

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